June 30, 2022

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Revamping and Automating Children’s Lifestyle?

by Prajakta Khedkar 

“We sense that normal is not coming, that we are being born to the new normal: a new kind of society, a new relationship to the earth a new experience of being human.”

-Charles Eisenstein

Sooner and little did we know we all were going to caged within four walls because we did see what is coming our way. My younger brother who used to crib about going to school every day now misses and keeps wishing that he gets to attend an online school. But also, is happy that he is able to spend time with us all and on himself.

Making real-world connections and spending quality time with friends and family in person is now just a memory in albums. Studying in real classrooms was so much fun, says my younger brother. But on the other hand, he enjoys helping us in the kitchen and doing more of his table tennis sessions, doing python and java courses at the age of thirteen, which really amuses me and I start retrospection.


Not being able to attend schools, stuck at home now understands that the world around us is falling apart and responded by saying if there is no better time for this to happen. My younger brother says how beautiful it is outside; scorching heat of summers and everyone is at home having lunch and dinners together- little of what we used to do before lockdown, chit-chatting, dancing to random music and playing cards, doing fun things together, everything is in place even when the outside world is unstable. This coming from a 13-year-old, just thought to myself that my brother is becoming wiser and growing mature. While we, grown-ups and adults are complaining about stepping out and do our things, these kids definitely are raising us.

Ending with a big shoutout to everyone who won’t be going back to normal! Those who will refuse to allow the nonsense they used to. Those who will set new healthy standards. Those who will let go, forgive, and move on. Those who will finally act upon their goals and dreams. Those who will come out of this stronger than ever!

Prajakta Khedkar

TY-Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Vishwakarma University,Pune.